RoSPA Approved, CPD Certified Fire Warden, Fire Marshal Online Training Course

Train to become a workplace fire marshal with our e-learning, online fire warden training courseOur online fire warden training course is an ideal learning platform for anyone who would like to training as a workplace fire marshal/warden and is CPD certified and also approved by RoSPA.

The course covers the latest fire safety regulations for the workplace, but also the roles and duties of employees, which includes their responsibilities to the company workforce on fire safety.

This e-learning course in fire warden training is conducted using a video based e-learning system, with instructor led presentations and each video can be paused or rewound so that you can gain a better understanding of the course content and structure as you progress through the course.

Our workplace fire warden course is designed to meet and comply with the regulatory reform (Fire Safety) order 2005 and the course content is listed below. This course can be used to run along side your existing workplace fire training policies and procedures.

For company training of more than one candidate we offer a company administration panel so that a company administrator can buy course fire warden course credits accordingly, assign different programmes to individuals persons within your company and monitor your employees progress through your required courses. Set up is free and all courses are available through your company administration dashboard.

Fire marshal & warden online training, RoSPA approved and CPD certified, workplace required programme for fire marshals, gain a recognised workplace certificate, fire warden training course online, ideal for schools, doctors & dental receptionists, office staff, care takers.

Stay compliant with your workplace fire warden, marshal training requirements.

Take action now and get trained via our e-learning programme.

  • Video Based E-Learning System
  • Nearly 4 Hours of course video
  • Print Your Fire Certification
  • CPD Certified & RoSPA Approved
  • £25 + vat

This online fire warden course comes with easy to understand fire training video’s and on successful completion of the course you can will be able to print your fire marshal, warden training course certification.

Register and start now by clicking the “Begin Training” button on the left, which will take you through the simple registration process. We offer a course fee of £25 and our online fire warden safety course covers all the required subjects in fire regulation, risk assessment, fire prevention, fire safety, evacuation, alarms and fire equipment.

This course is an ideal learning platform and training solution for doctors, dental surgery and hotel receptionists, secretaries, childminders, schools, nurseries, shops, guest house staff, fast food outlets, sports halls and is ideal to be run along side your existing workplace health & safety and fire training procedures.

Once you have registered and started your course you will be able to pause, or rewind each video as you progress to gain a better understanding of the course content and structure and print your certification on completion.

Course Content Below

Programme Content, Click To View

  • Chemistry of Fire
  • Common Causes
  • Basic Safety Features in Buildings
  • Introduction to Fire Extinguishers
  • What to do in Cases of Fire
  • Statistics
  • Current Safety Legislation
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Preventative Measures
  • Safety Features within Buildings
  • Role of the Fire Marshal
  • Action on Discovery
  • Drills and Evacuation
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Pre-Engagement Action
  • Using a Fire Extinguisher

Keeping up to date with your fire warden certification can sometimes be difficult, but our RoSPA approved online fire marshal, warden training programme will help you stay compliant with your workplace course requirements.

Our e-learning fire marshal programme is an ideal learning solution for hotel and office staff, any receptionist, including doctors, dental, hospital, hotel receptionists, workshop foreman and supervisors or anyone who is required to hold fire marshal certification and this course is an ideal platform to be run along side your current workplace certification procedures.

Each video section can be paused or rewound so that you can gain a better understanding of the course content before moving onto the next part of the course and after completion of each section you will also be able to leave the programme and return another day, the course resumes from where you originally left.

All fire marshal course certification can either be printed on completion, or downloaded as a pdf format.

For additional information regarding our RoSPA approved, video based learning, fire warden online training course please contact us through our contact us page.