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Online Fire Door Training, E-Learning Course

Fire doors within the workplace are a legal requirement. Importantly our online fire door inspection course will offer the learner and introduction to fire doors and fire door safety & maintenance within the workplace.

Furthermore, our online fire door training programme is an easy to complete video based training programme. This makes this e-learning course an ideal training solution for many working environments. This includes offices, doctors & dental surgeries, hotels, or any workplace who would like their staff to have an understanding of fire doors and their safety.

Additionally, this course is conducted using video based instruction. Each training video can be paused or rewound as you progress through the course. Importantly this e-learning course offers the learner an overview of fire doors within the workplace.

Equally important is that this course is an ideal training solution to be run along side our workplace Online Fire Marshal Training programme.

Approved fire safety training courses that can help you stay compliant with your workplace fire safety requirements.

Take action now and get trained via our e-learning fire safety courses.

This course will start by establishing exactly what a fire door is. It will then look at the different types of fire doors available and how they are constructed.

It will then explore exactly why fire doors are important. The course will also provide real life examples of fire door failure. This shows the potential and catastrophic implications of improper use.

Additionally, this online fire door training course will detail how fire doors and their surrounding area must be controlled. This is to ensure they deliver maximum safety to staff members, the general public and the property.

Finally, this e-learning course covers the importance of fire door maintenance. Also the practical steps that can be taken to ensure the fire doors in your place of work are up to standard.

Fire Door Training Course Registration & Start

Below is the course content, with information regarding the time of the course. Once registered for training you will be able to pause and rewind the fire door training videos to gain a better understanding of the course content and structure.

Once you have successfully completed your fire door training you will be able to download and print your free fire door training certification.

Course Information

  • 40 Minutes of course video
  • Print Your Certification
  • £25 + vat

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Fire Door Course Content

  • Understand what is a fire door
  • Why are they important
  • What about risks
  • How to control
  • Importance of fire door maintenance

Additional Discounted Courses Available

To compliment our general fire safety training programmes, we also offer fire safety training discounted course bundles.

Fire marshal training course discounts are also available for companies who have many employees. We can generate you an online fire training discount code specific to your company, so that your staff can gain fire training certification at a greatly reduced course fee.

By completing any of our discounted fire training e-learning programmes your online fire marshal & warden training cost’s can be kept to a minimum.

All courses are available with free fire training & health & safety course certification. This can be downloaded & printed on successful completion of your chosen course.

Finally, for any additional information that you may require regarding our fire safety, or our health & safety training programmes please contact us through our contact us page.