Confined Space Burns First Aid Kit: BD90918

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Product Description

This confined space and rescue burnshield first aid kit is a compact comprehensive burns first aid kit for working in confined spaces and is your complete confined burns rescue kit for all emergency situations.

The contents of this burns kit include:

  • 8 x Burn dressings 10cm x 10cm
  • 3 x Burn dressings 20cm x 20cm
  • 2 x Burn dressings 60cm x 40cm
  • 3 x Digit dressing 2.5cm x 50cm
  • 1 x Limb dressings 5cm x 1m
  • 3 x Cohesive foam bandage 6cm x 50cm
  • 1 x Fire / trauma blanket 80cm x 80cm
  • 1 x Foil blanket 1m x 2m
  • 2 x Crepe bandage 15cm
  • 3 x Hydrogel pump spray 125ml
  • 2 x Gloves (pair)
  • 1 x Transpore tape 2.5cm x 10m